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At West Reading Tree Service, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction. Our certified tree care specialists, best quality equipment, extensive background, and expertise are in service of this objective. You can look us up online for reviews from our satisfied clients.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent service coupled with upfront prices with no hidden charges. You can avail of our remote price quotation service anytime. Our tree care experts will assess your specific condition and offer specialized advice on improving your trees. Contact us if you want a beautiful and healthy tree and landscape at a competitive rate.

West Reading's Premier Tree Service Company

Our company is dedicated to achieving these goals: healthy trees, beautiful landscape, and happy clients. We constantly strive for these in every project we take. These goals are what drive us to be the best local tree service company in the West Reading, PA area.

We take great care in examining each tree thoroughly. We pay close attention to each customer’s unique tree and landscape situation and treat them accordingly every time. As an eco-friendly organization, we offer the choice of replacing any trees we remove.

Our certified tree experts have years of professional tree service experience. They are well equipped to care for your trees. They first study the individual tree’s condition to know the best remedy and how it will affect the entire landscaping. To guarantee satisfaction, we cooperate with our customers every step of the way.

Our business practice is all about safety and commitment. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our tree care specialists are well-compensated, making them completely focused on our clients’ needs with no shortcuts along the process. We only use the top–quality equipment to get the job done in no time. Of course, this equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained. We are committed to our workers and clients.

We can tackle projects as small as grinding a single stump to large ones, like clearing acres of land for commercial land development. Our expertise in a wide variety of tree services complements our high–quality machinery. We can provide professional workmanship and fast project completion at good prices.

    A view of trees- looking up from the ground. The trees block the sun with little crack showing through in Reading, PA
    A view from the middle of the road. This is a long road with a tree line on both sides of the road in Readin PA
    A lot of trees in the woods that are in full bloom. You can see the sun in the morning shining trough the trees in Reading PA

    Our tree specialists are versatile. If there are no projected risks to the landscape, we can use our heavy equipment for efficiency. But if there is potential damage or the client does not want to use any heavy machinery, our tree experts can climb trees using only safety harnesses. 

    We provide ground crew services with all our tree services to ensure that your yard remains clean throughout the process. The team collects all the fallen tree debris and feeds it into the wood chipper, which is placed in the street. We ensure that there is no trace left behind except for the empty space where the tree or stump previously stood.

    If you are a tree owner living in the West Reading area, maybe you are thinking to yourself, “Gee, is there a reliable tree service in West Reading, PA?” Just give us a call or email and we will respond immediately. Our full tree care company is more than willing to serve you.

    Tree Removal

    Tree removal service in Reading, PA

    There are instances when trees have to be removed. When they become overgrown, which poses a safety risk to you and your properties, trees can also stop plant growth by shading a part of your backyard. Your tree may suffer from canker rot, Dutch Elm disease, or other diseases and has to be taken down. If a tree is dead or damaged, it will become an eyesore and nuisance as it sheds branches and leaves on your yard. 

    You can also remove some trees to clear up some space in your landscaping. Also, keep in mind that insurance companies tend to reject tree damage claims if tree branches are touching your house roof. Whether your tree poses a safety or liability risk, our tree expert will remove it for you. Tree removal in West Reading, PA, is essential for safety and liability reasons, and attempting to handle it on your own can be dangerous. It’s best to seek the assistance of professionals for this task.

    Tree removal is a dangerous task. Because every situation is different, our tree removal specialists plan each takedown carefully. The first step is a site visit to your backyard. They take into account the tree placement, tree condition, species of tree, and affected areas, among other factors. You will be informed of our removal plan and the quote for the project. Then, we set a date for the job. 

    Tree removals usually include felling, cutting, stacking, wood removal, and complete clean-up of the premises. Depending on the situation, the removal may be straightforward or complicated. Our equipment and expertise can handle both. We can use heavy equipment or climb the tree with a safety harness.

    Our tree removal team includes a grounds crew to ensure safety and clean your yard while the removal process is ongoing. We have a wood chipper, always on standby on the street, to feed the fallen branches and other parts. Almost all our tree takedowns are completed in a day. We do the job thoroughly. Because of the constant clean up and well-constructed removal, you will enjoy a cleaner, more spacious yard with one less tree.

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    Tree Trimming

    Most trees have to be trimmed and pruned to maintain their health and beauty. We take pride in our line-trimming skills and experience. Unlike other tree services, which do their trimming hurriedly, we do it meticulously. We maintain that tree trimming and pruning is both science and art, taking care of the tree’s well-being and symmetry.

    The process starts with checking the tree’s overall health. Then, our trimming experts will carefully prune the damaged and dangerous branches. We also take care of the tree’s physical beauty by improving or maintaining its symmetry. All throughout the trimming process, we keep in mind the tree’s health. We use it as a guide to cut through the dead and ugly tree limbs

    Tree trimming in West Reading, PA, is necessary for maintaining healthy trees and preventing safety hazards. It’s important not to attempt tree trimming on your own, as it can be dangerous. Hiring a professional tree service is the safest and most effective solution.

    Most trees need regular trimming to keep their tip-top shape. Be sure to call for a trimming and pruning service before the tree is significantly damaged and unsightly. Some people may see this service as a luxury or unimportant. As a result, these owners’ trees are occupied for a long time. The tree’s disease will advance, which might kill the tree or make the limbs and branches look hideous.

    Like our tree removal service, we first have a plan for how to best care for your trees. We begin by checking the tree to be trimmed in person. After the initial assessment, we give you our trimming and pruning strategy, the price quote for the job, and the schedule from start to completion.

    If there will be no damage to your landscaping, we can use our heavy equipment for the trimming service. You can also opt for the old-fashioned version. Our trimming and pruning expert can also climb your tree using only a safety harness. We also have ground personnel to pick up the twigs, branches, and other fallen tree parts to keep your yard clean during the pruning process. 

    The trimmed limbs and branches are taken to the chipper for effective disposal. You are free to supervise the ongoing trimming to ensure that you are content with our work and your tree’s overall look and health.

    Stump Grinding

    Picture of an old tree stump that a customer wanted removed in Reading, PA

    You can order this service with tree removal or as a separate job. After tree removal, you can have us grind the stump left. The stump may cause the otherwise perfectly manicured landscape to look unsightly. Or if you want more planting space. A tree stump is also a good breeding ground for insects like bees, ants, and termites, making it a health hazard to keep the stump.

    Some people consider stump grinding a reasonably easy job. Anyone can do it if he has a serviceable stump grinder. So, they think that the decision to pick a stump grinding service comes down to its price, or worse, they do it on their own. We have experts with the knowledge and skills needed for quick and organized stump grinding. 

    Starting with a site visit to your home or business, we will assess the stump to be ground and talk to you about the plan for the stump and your yard. After agreeing with the strategy, we will inform you of the job quote, and we will set the appointment for the service.

    If you have a stump on your property that needs to be removed, we can help you out. Our stump grinding service will clear the area and leave you with ground chips that can be used for firewood or mulch. We have the equipment to handle stumps of any size, so no matter how big or small the job is, we can get it done. Additionally, if you plan to replant the area where the stump was, we offer grass seeding and sod laying services to help get your landscaping looking great again.

    Because of our expertise, prior experiences, and the right equipment, we can do the messy job of stump grinding efficiently and carefully and, at the same time, maintain the well-being of your landscape by cleaning and restoring the spaces around the removed stump. You are guaranteed a beautiful and pest-free lawn.

    Storm Damage

    If a storm ravages your yard, fret not, as we offer round-the-clock emergency tree services. Our services are available 24/7 to match the unpredictability of stormy weather. You can rest assured that our experts specialize in taking care of felled trees, branches, trunks, and other debris. Your yard and property will be restored to its pre-storm beauty.

    Storms can crack, split, or leave the tree leaning heavily against your house or car. Request for emergency tree service immediately after the storm to curb the hazard damaged trees pose for you, your family, properties, and passers-by. Call us today for a rapid response to storm damage. Our company offers full service, including expertise, personnel, and equipment to deal with the result of storm devastation.

    In some instances, emergency tree services may be necessary. During rainy weather, the soil beneath trees, in particular, can erode, leaving the tree in a weaker foundation and more susceptible to falling over. After heavy rainfall or flooding, it is important to inspect your trees for any signs of leaning or significantly exposed roots. If you notice any of these signs, it is recommended to call for professional tree services to address the situation.

    Heavily diseased trees also call for an emergency tree service response. If you are not paying enough attention, your tree may suddenly fall, lean, or drop big branches during strong winds. Healthy trees do not do these. But for some reason, you fail to monitor your ailing tree, and you only notice its advanced illness, which causes it to be a danger to properties and people; feel free to contact us to relieve you of this problem. Once you call us, you can finally relax and let the professionals remove the damaged tree and its debris.

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    Lot & Land Clearing

    The lot and land clearing is a large–scale project. But we approach this like our single tree services. We inspect the lot to be cleared in person and discuss clearing plans with the property owner. We also consider your specific requirements. Then, we give you a price quote and agree on a schedule for the job.

    As a professional tree service company, we are better equipped to clear large commercial spaces than the average small tree company. We have the required machinery, professional staff, and overall knowledge. This also translates to better pricing as we can clear large areas faster.

    Lands to be cleared can include residential areas like backyards or commercial ones like land development. You are maybe envisioning a clean, uniform lawn. Or you are a developer seeking to clear a large area to start a construction project. Our company has an extensive background in small or large land clearing. You can also request to completely remove the trees or prepare the newly cleared area for replanting.

    If you have a personal yard, you want to be clear; you may be tempted with the idea that you can do it yourself. The short answer is no. Clearing land areas is not simply hacking the trees and other plants away. This project needs professional workmanship to completely erase the traces of trees. There is a lot of work it demands. Tree removal, stump grinding, and plant uprooting are needed to ensure your area is clear. 

    We also remove any shallow roots to ensure you have a thoroughly clean landscaping canvas or construction area. Feel free to call one of our representatives today for your lot and land clearing needs. You are assured of complete area assessment with your specific inputs and a competitive price.

    Firewood for Sale

    We offer split-seasoned firewood year-round. Call us for delivery of full cords of quality firewood.  

    Emergency Tree Service

    In urgent situations, our Emergency Tree Service swiftly responds to mitigate hazards and restore safety to your property. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we specialize in storm clean up jobs, ensuring prompt and thorough debris removal. As one of the leading storm clean up companies, we prioritize rapid response times and exceptional service. Count on our professional tree service for reliable tree cutting and emergency assistance. Trust us to safeguard your property with precision and care.

    Tree Company West Reading

    Tree Service West Reading, PA, your premier destination for expert tree cutting service in the area. As a licensed and bonded tree service, we take pride in offering top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Our team of local tree trimmers is dedicated to enhancing the health and beauty of your trees.

    As a leading tree cutting company, we specialize in catering to the needs of the community. From local tree trimming services to efficient tree clean up services and tree crane services, we’re among the top local tree trimming companies dedicated to enhancing your outdoor spaces with precision and care.

    Whether you require routine maintenance or emergency assistance, our experienced professionals are here to help. Count on us as one of the trusted tree cutting companies and rely on our expertise to ensure your property remains safe and visually stunning. Contact us today for unparalleled tree service West Reading, PA.

    Commercial and Residential Tree Service

    Our Commercial and Residential Tree Service provides expert care for properties in   West Reading, PA, and surrounding areas. With a team of skilled tree specialists and tree surgeons, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including tree trimming, pruning, removal, and more. Our experienced tree cutters prioritize safety and precision in every project, ensuring the health and beauty of your trees. 

    Plus, we understand the importance of affordability, offering competitive rates without compromising quality. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency assistance, trust us to deliver reliable service tailored to your needs. Experience the difference with our dedicated cheap tree service professionals committed to exceeding your expectations.

    No job too large or too small for Reading Tree Service