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A tree has to be removed if it becomes too infected or damaged. It poses health and physical dangers to the property and people. A sick or damaged tree has the clear possibility of falling over. There are various causes why a tree can become unstable. It could be infected roots or trunk, strong winds, or soil erosion. Call for a tree removal service if these tell-tale signs are present. The tree is leaning, being supported by other trees, has cracked ground around its base, or has exposed roots.

Crowding is not helpful for the growth of trees. Their growth is stunted if they are too close with other trees. Because they struggle to reach for the sun, they grow in weird directions. They are likely to develop diseases because they lack air and sunlight. To promote healthy tree growth, it is highly recommended to remove one to two trees until there are ample spaces between the trees left.

There are various tree diseases. If left untreated, trees can be heavily damaged or dead. Seek the professional advice of tree care expert to see whether a sick tree can still be saved. Some signs to look out for are yellowed or lost leaves, lost branches or barks, and fresh growth at the tree’s base. If you noticed these signs early, the tree expert can implement treatments to bring the tree to health. If the tree is left ill for too long, the remedy would be to have a specialist take the tree down.

To make the tree removal less costly, you can check if a tree service provider works with insurance. Familiarize yourself first with tree insurance benefits you can avail. Keep also in mind that tree branches in physical contact with your roof disqualifies you to claim tree damage from your insurance policy.

Tree Removal Reading

Do you need a tree removal service in the Reading area? If so, read on to find out why we are the company that offers the tree removal Reading residents trust.

Leaving the tree removal to the professionals is a wise decision. It is not a simple matter of chopping off the tree from the base, felling and disposing of it.  There is a lot of safety precautions, expertise, and proper tools and equipment that go into this procedure. This is precisely the reason why we include a preliminary visit and meeting with the client to properly strategize the tree removal. The plan is based on the health of the tree to be removed and the client’s specifications for the whole yard. You can also choose if you prefer we use our heavy equipment or not. If there will be damage to the existing landscape, our certified arborist can climb the tree with the harness. After the plan is agree upon, a job quote and an appointment is set. During the procedure, there are always grounds crew present to clean the surrounding premises of the tree. The tree branches and other debris are fed into chipper waiting in the side road. We ensure the area is thoroughly clean during the job and especially after. We leave no trace aside from the vacated space of the felled tree.

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