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A piece of land needs to be cleared of plant leftovers from past owners before using it. For instance, if the land development proceeded without clearing it first, numerous difficulties would arise along the way.

Lot clearing can be a small or extensive work. You may be a private new property owner looking to clear up your lawn to prepare it for landscaping. Or you are a land developer who wants to clear large areas for a construction project. A lot and clearing service usually includes the following. 

Site preparation is clearing an area for the purposes of building or extending a residential or business property. This involves removing trees in plants in an environmentally friendly way. The tree specialists remove the nuisance vegetation and avoid unique species.

Commercial site development is a large-scale clearing project. A versatile tree care company should be able to tackle massive jobs as skillfully as they do small clearing projects.

Underbrush removal is done to reduce fire hazards and improve access. This is achieved through trimming excess foliage to allow healthier growth. This will also improve the overall look of the property.

Debris cleanup is done after a storm ravaged the landscape. Tree specialists remove the felled trees, twigs, and other debris. This eliminates the safety hazard and ugly mess the storm brought about. Our company can remove damaged trees quickly. We also usually maneuver around power lines to lessen the effect on your property.

Lot & Land Clearing Reading

Our lot and land clearing service starts with surveying the area. Then, our certified tree experts will come up with a plan on how to tackle your project. Of course, we consult with you to incorporate your detailed instructions into the final strategy. We give you a price quote detailing every aspect of the job. Lastly, we agree on a schedule for the project.

We have tree service specialists armed with years of experience in the field and skilled in operating our heavy equipment for the job. We clear planted spaces quickly and in an environmentally sensitive manner. All our works leave the client with the choice of replanting in the future.

Please do not clear your lot on your own. The job entails many nuances you may miss. Reading Tree Service employs the utmost care to make sure your property only endures little to no damage. Clearing is a major job whether the actual area is small or large. Stumps are grounded, trees are felled and removed, and vegetation is uprooted. Private property owners cannot and should not attempt these.

    We thoroughly remove the shallow roots. If these roots are left, the construction will be slowed and hindered. As usual, we feed wood debris into the chipper for recycling or efficient disposal. We leave the cleared area as a blank slate for fast land development. The construction will proceed with no interruptions. You can build your future confidently and at ease.

    Whatever the extent of your land to be cleared, leave it to us. You are guaranteed prompt, thorough work at a competitive rate. Contact us for a free job quote and expert advice from certified tree specialists.

    No job too large or too small for Reading Tree Service

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