The Dangers of Planting Trees in Proximity to Your Residence in Reading

Trees can have a significant impact on your property, both positively and negatively. If you live in Reading, Pennsylvania, you are likely aware of the many benefits trees can offer, such as providing shade on hot summer days and enhancing the appearance of your home. However, during severe weather conditions, like hurricanes, trees can also pose a threat to your safety.


If you’re selling your home or have recently moved into a new one, you might be thinking about planting a tree to enhance the landscape. Trees are great for improving the aesthetics of your outdoor living space and providing shade for people, especially kids who enjoy playing outside.


Before you start digging or hiring a company, you will want to do some planning:


  • Think Ahead – Proper planning is crucial when planting trees. It is important to consider the tree’s potential growth size and avoid planting it in hazardous locations such as near the house or below power lines. If you have solar panels at home, make sure the tree won’t obstruct them as it grows.


  • Select Trees of Superior Quality – Investing in a tree, whether it’s a regular tree or a palm tree, can be highly beneficial for you. However, it’s crucial to do thorough research before making a final decision on which tree to choose. High-quality trees that come with a higher price tag can be worth investing in, as they can provide long-term benefits. It’s important to ensure that the tree you choose is healthy and that it comes from a reputable supplier.


  • Ensure Sufficient Space for Healthy Root Development – It is crucial to consider the root size of the tree you want to plant. You should avoid planting any trees too close to your home or the sidewalks around your property. This is because a large and sturdy tree needs enough space for root growth, and sidewalks and home foundations can act as barriers to root growth, causing the roots to twist and turn as they grow. This can impact the tree’s stability, creating problems for homeowners during hurricane season.


  • Plant Trees in Groups if Possible – Planting trees in groups can provide them with better protection during severe weather. It is also recommended to plant trees or shrubs with similar growth requirements near each other. This can create a beautiful focal point on your property.


  • Placement Matters – Strategically planting trees around your home can be beneficial in many ways. During the summer, trees can provide natural cooling and during the winter, they can offer warmth. Trees that offer shade can help lower your cooling costs. The outdoor compressor/condenser unit of your HVAC system can use less energy when shielded from direct sunlight throughout the day.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tree care service, feel free to contact the team of experts at Reading Tree Service. We offer various affordable tree services such as tree trimming, pruning, and more. You can reach out by filling out the contact form available on our website.


Tree and Stump Removal in Reading

If you are faced with the task of removing a tree from your residential or commercial property, Reading Tree Service is ready to lend a hand. Our comprehensive local tree services include both tree and stump removal, as these tasks are intricately linked and best performed together for a thorough job.


It’s important to note that the stump and roots are an integral part of a tree, and their removal requires careful attention. You may be wondering whether it’s necessary to remove the stump when taking down a tree. According to our certified tree experts, the answer is a resounding yes. If you’ve decided to remove a tree from your residential or commercial property, it’s important to take this step seriously.


Reading Tree Service provides both tree removal and stump removal services, which are offered together as they are interrelated. It’s crucial to remove the stump and roots carefully as they are part of the tree and require a specialized approach. This is an important and challenging step that our team handles with care and expertise.


“Do I really need to remove the stump along with the tree?” you may ask yourself. According to our certified tree specialist, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Other tree service companies may be tempted to just remove the tree and leave the stump behind, but doing so can have serious consequences. Not only is an unsightly stump an eyesore, but it can also pose a safety risk on your property in Reading, PA. Keep reading to find out why it’s important to remove the entire tree stump.


Don’t Leave the Stump Behind


Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump. This involves the use of a heavy-duty machine that has a large, serrated blade. The blade spins to grind the stump out of the ground, acting like a wood chipper.


Selecting a reputable and well-regarded company like ours will guarantee that the process of removing the tree and grinding the stump goes smoothly, leaving your property in the best possible condition for you and your family. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t leave the stump behind, including:


  • Liability & Safety – It’s important to remove any tree stumps in your yard because they can pose a hazard to anyone walking or playing in the area. This is especially true for children who may not be paying attention to the ground while running around. A stump or its roots can easily cause someone to trip and get injured. Moreover, visitors to

your house, such as mail carriers, delivery personnel, and neighbors, could be at risk of tripping and hurting themselves. As the property owner, you could be held responsible for any injuries that occur, so it’s best to take care of the stump removal as soon as possible.


  • Protect Structures and Other Trees – Removing a tree is a common solution when it’s too close to your home or other trees. However, just removing the tree and leaving the stump behind doesn’t completely solve the problem. The tree’s roots are still connected to the stump, and they can still pose a threat to your home or other trees. Additionally, the roots can still absorb water in the ground that nearby trees need to stay healthy. Leaving the stump in the ground can also take up space and hinder the growth of other trees’ roots. Some companies may just remove the tree and leave the stump, which won’t address the original issues that led you to want the tree removed in the first place.


  • Keep Pests & Diseases Away – Decaying tree stumps attract pests and diseases that can spread to other nearby trees. Beetles and termites are particularly drawn to them.


  • Increase/Maintain Aesthetics – Most people consider tree stumps to be unsightly, which can give the impression that your home is unkempt and poorly maintained. This can be particularly problematic if you’re trying to sell your house or want to make a good impression on your neighbors. The appearance of your home can make a big difference when it comes to real estate. It’s best to have the stump ground when the tree is removed, as this opens up the possibility of improving the look of your yard.

After removing the tree and grinding the stump, you could enhance your yard by planting flowers, bushes, adding a fountain, or even planting another tree.


 If You Need Stump Grinding Services, Call Us Today


Stump grinding can be a challenging task and not all companies are equipped to handle it. However, Reading Tree Service has the necessary experience and heavy-duty machines to get the job done efficiently. If you have any questions about our stump grinding services, please visit our services page and feel free to contact us at 610-595-4475. We also offer tree removal services and free estimates. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.


Discover the Importance of Proper Pruning in Reading

Pruning trees may seem like a straightforward task, but it is more complicated than it seems. Some people believe that using a chainsaw to remove some limbs is all needed to keep trees healthy and looking great. However, this is not the case. Improper pruning can lead to various problems and even shorten the lifespan of trees. 


Homeowners and inexperienced tree trimmers should be aware of the potential consequences of improper tree pruning. Pruning trees involves science. In order to ensure a healthy tree, it is important to understand the species, growth patterns, and biology of the tree. Pruning should always have a specific objective in mind. Common objectives for pruning include:

  • Reducing crown density
  • Managing crown size
  • Restoring structure
  • Improving structure
  • Providing clearance
  • Reducing risk
  • Creating new growth for Ornamentals
  • Rejuvenating shrubs
  • Training juvenile tree(s)


There are several reasons why pruning is necessary for trees. However, if pruning is done improperly, it can lead to minor or major issues for both the tree(s) and the surrounding structures. Here are some examples of how improper pruning can negatively impact trees.

  • Over pruning – When we take food away from a tree, it can cause potential stress to the tree. The more mature the tree is, the less likely it is able to recover from major stress factors. Trees like evergreens are most likely unable to grow back fully again.
  • Open wounds: If the incorrect cutting technique is used, it can result in tree wounds that take longer to heal or are sometimes irreparable. This can create an opening for unwanted pests and diseases that the tree may not be able to recover from.
  •  Uneven Pruning and Canopy Imbalance: If you excessively prune one side of a tree while neglecting the other side, it can create an imbalance in the canopy. This can pose a serious hazard, as the tree may lean heavily, uproot, or even fall during a storm, causing significant damage. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you prune your trees evenly to maintain their stability and prevent potential harm.


It is crucial to use proper pruning techniques to maintain the long-term health of trees. Every cut made on a tree has the potential to affect its architecture, dynamics, and health, which is why it’s important to hire a professional tree service like Reading Tree Service to assess your tree’s needs and purposes.


Our certified tree specialist ensures your trees are properly cared for, and our trained staff follows ISA pruning standards.